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JUST WinC is available in the iTunes store. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/just-winc-movie-trivia-word/id628026984?ls=1&mt=8

JUST WinC 2 is also available in the iTunes store. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/just-winc-2-movie-trivia-word/id640672781?ls=1&mt=8

JUST WinC 3 was released on June 10th and is now available in the iTunes store. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/just-winc-3-movie-trivia-word/id640759580?ls=1&mt=8

JUST WinC Lite - free version for kids. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/just-winc-lite-movie-trivia/id628038894?ls=1&mt=8


JUST WinC is a family of word games. The first four are movie trivia word games combining two movie titles with a Word in Common (WinC).
Lite is free and contains five screens using G and PG movies for kids.
Game 1, 2 and 3 sell for 99 cents and contain 20 screens each.
Games 2 and 3 are slightly more challenging than Game 1.

Heal Childhood Hunger - Feed Children Worldwide JUSTWinC.com PlayerGenius.com PlayerGenius.Net HealChildhoodHunger.org
Heal Childhood Hunger - Feed Children Worldwide  JUSTWinC.comPlayerGenius.comPlayerGenius.NetHealChildhoodHunger.org

PlayerGenius was founded in 2012 to create games and APPS for the Smart Phone and Smart Tablet market. The founders love "living outside the box", meeting fresh challenges and exploring new frontiers. JUST WinC is our first cool word game. Our goal is for you to have as much fun playing JUST WinC as we had creating it. Our philosophy is that games should be fun, as well as opportunities for learning; this attitude is at the heart of all of the innovative and creative ventures of PlayerGenius. Learn more and keep up-to-date by visiting here often. Calling all players. You are PlayerGenius.


JUST WinC was released April 10th, 2013. This game is a movie trivia word game. If you love word games and love movies this is your game? This is a strategy word game with a twist. The twist is the WinC (Word in Common). The goal of JUST WinC is to combine two movie titles having one “Word in Common”. The WinC is the last word in the first movie title and the first word in the second movie title. For example, Raging Bull (1st title) and Bull Durham (2nd title) becomes Raging Bull Durham. The WinC is Bull. There is no time limit. JUST WinC sells for 99 cents. At the end of April Game 2 was released which contains another 20 screens. It is slightly more challenging and sells for $1.99. Game 3 was released on June 10th and also sells for $1.99. All the games are iOS 7 compatible.

There is also a FREE version -  JUST WinC Lite. All titles are G or PG (children or family-friendly). This edition is perfect for kids to play and for parents and players to use as a “previewing” opportunity before purchasing the regular JUST WinC version.

PlayerGenius is committed to improving the lives of children worldwide through our non-profit organization HealChildhoodHunger.org. One third of the profits from JUST WinC will support children who are hungry. By playing JUST WinC, you can join us in our vision to confront the plight of malnourishment around the world. On a planet with such abundance we have an obligation to address this preventable situation. Download JUST WinC, have fun, challenge yourself and change the world by supporting  HEAL CHILDHOOD  HUNGER.

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